Welcome to Fat Boy Drive-In

We are open for the 2019 season!
Open 11 am - 8 pm, Thursday-Tuesday
Closed Wednesdays

Our drive-in opened July 29, 1955 during the rise of the automobile, drive-in movies and diner's like ours.

Fat Boys was started by John Bollinger and Mr. Campbell, 2 Chiefs at the Brunswick Naval Air Station runway ended across the street from the where the drive-in is located.

After starting and running the business successfully for two years Mr. Campbell decided he wanted to move on and left the partnership in 1957 my father-in-law Joseph Burton became the new partner.

They and their wives (Johns wife Pauline) and (Joe's wife Jennie) ran it from 11 am to 1:00 am. Seven days a week. Their season went from March until November.

A year after Johns passing in 1978 Joe and Jennie became the sole owners of the business. They ran it for 6 years before turning it over to Ken and I in 1984. Fat Boy had a new business competitor, some company from away called McDonalds came to town and while it slowed us down at first, the new kids on the block don't ya know. We found that by returning to our roots and offering good food, cooked to order with fresh ingredients we were able to show those out'a staters a thing or two about being in business with the big boys.

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